The world's smallest, quietest air purifier for any room in your home. Designed to be discreet so you'll forget it's even there.
Reduces 100% of nasty odors
Kills airborne bacteria & viruses
Eliminates mold spores in the air
Portable for clean air while traveling
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keep your home presentable for friends & family

No one likes living in a dump, let alone visiting one. Whether you couldn't get around to cleaning the litter box or forgot to take out the trash one day, these nasty stenches can really soak up into your home, making it less than ideal for guests to visit. You could try and mask the smell with a cheap bottle of Febreze, but we know how well that really works. Or you could plug in a Purifyre and neutralize the odor in less than 30 minutes - your pick.

"The people who live downstairs from us smoke & every morning our kitchen reeks of cigarettes. I plugged it in right next to the garbage can & the next morning there was no smell! You have no idea how awesome it is to not start my day disgusted with my own house."
- Rebecca, USA

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remove pain and irritation from your life

Purifyre helps reduce irritable symptoms caused by seasonal allergies. That means no more post-nasal drip, compulsive sneezing, sinus headaches, and mild fatigue. Our UV air sanitizer is great for those with asthma or compromised immune systems. Wake up and spend your days feeling like the best version of yourself. Then go to bed with confidence your allergies won't be keeping you up any longer.

"Wow this little thing is amazing!! No inhaler used today!! As an asthmatic that is trigged by things I’m allergic to, I highly recommend it."
- Christina, USA

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keep those you love safe

You have a responsibility to protect those closest to you. Purifyre helps you do that by eliminating pesky bacteria and viruses keeping your kids and grandkids sick. With UVC light technology that kills germs on contact, Purifyre is a must-have to support your family's immune systems. Perfect for that little bit of extra protection during flu season.

"With the added protection of these in almost every room in the house, my family and I are doing great."
- Sue, USA

how to use purifyre

plug purifyre in

wait 30 seconds

breathe clean air

How long does it take to completely sanitize a room?
Purifyre begins working within 30 seconds upon plugging into a wall outlet. However, to completely sanitize a room, it really depends upon the size of the room. For reference, a 10' x 10' x 8' height room can take approximately 2 hours.
How do you clean these air purifiers?
Purifyre uses uv bulbs to purify the air, so it doesn't require the same maintenance as traditional air purifiers that use air filters. This means there are no replacement filters required and you do not need to regularly clean it.
Does your electric bill go up that much?
Not at all! Our customers report an average of $0.40 increase in their electricity bill monthly, which we feel is extremely cost effective.
Does this device use ozone?
No. Our devices do not release ozone into the air. It uses UV-C light technology.
How long do these last?
3-6 months before a replacement bulb is needed. Installation is as easy as unscrewing the top cap, and replacing the bulb inside.
What is your shipping policy?
• ORDER PROCESSING - Our fulfillment team tries to process orders as quickly as they can. On average, they process/ship orders within 1 to 2 business days.

• US SHIPPING - We offer free standard shipping to customers within the USA. For contiguous USA, once shipped, your order should arrive within 2 to 6 business days. However, for PO boxes and military addresses, delivery could take 4 to 45 business days.

• INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - Standard international shipping starts at $9.99 and may increase depending on the weight of your order. Please be advised that for the standard shipping option, your local post would usually be in charge of the actual delivery. Delivery will take 7 to 21 business days after an order has shipped. For customers from UAE, please use your P.O. box address when choosing our standard shipping method.

• TAXES/CUSTOMS FEES - Purifyre will not be able to cover or refund any duty fees incurred by your local laws. In most cases, VAT and customs fees will not apply due to the relatively low value of the shipment. However, we still encourage checking the customs and VAT laws of your local region before making a purchase.
What is your guarantee, warranty, and returns policy?
We're so confident you'll love the product we made you. We have an ironclad free trial, 30-day money back guarantee. If you were not happy or satisfied with your purchase, we will setup a return and give you a full refund. No questions asked.